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Another utility will be going online only ditching in-person offices.

From WRIL -

As Spectrum Cable closed it's offices in many local cities, as Kentucky Utilities will be closing their face-to-face offices within the next year, so too Delta Gas is ending their in-person service opting for doing business online only.

The company, stated on their website that they began Monday May 1st expanding their Customer Service Call Center availability. The call-in hours will be 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST and customers can call 888-427-7335 for customer service. Customers can also make a payments 24 hours a day through ACI Speedpay by calling 855-730-8765, but continue to call 800-432-0771 to reach Emergency Gas Control.

Delta also states that in order to support the service improvements, beginning June 1, 2023, customers will no longer be able to speak with a customer service representative in-person at Delta office locations.

WRIL spoke to a representative in mid-2022 after Middlesboro's Cumberland Avenue location lost both customer service representative, one to retirement and still another to the employee quitting. At the time, we contacted the home office and asked if the company if they had plans to restaff the office and we were told that when they do decide to hire someone, it will be posted on their website, which never came to fruition.

Drop-off boxes will continue to be available during this transitional period. Customers may also visit Western Union locations within Wal-Mart and other local stores to make a cash payment. Additional fees may apply for paying your bill online.

Here is the link to register for a Delta e-account:

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