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Appalachia Virginia housing complex quarantined and barricaded

From WJHL -

Officials in Wise County and Norton, Virginia released a joint statement on Friday, saying protective measures were being taken after positive COVID-19 results in the Town of Appalachia.

The Town of Appalachia is setting up a barricade and perimeter of police lines around the Appalachia Towers Building to stop the spread of the virus.

According to a release from Appalachia Town Manager Fred Lunstford, Wise County Housing Authority Executive Director Monty L. Salyer and Wise County/City of Norton Commonwealth’s Attorney Chuck Slemp, the measures are being taken after multiple people tested positive for the virus in the town.

The residents of the building “were quarantined due to their risk of exposure to COVID-19 infection,” according to a letter from Dr. Eleanor S. Cantrell, District Director of the LENOWISCO Health District.

The release says the barricade was established around 8 a.m. on Friday morning.

Anyone who enters the barricade zone or crosses the police line without authorization can be charged with a crime, according to the release.

The release says the protective zone will be in place for 14 days or until the restrictions are lifted by the CDC and the Director of the LENOWISCO Health District.

The building is owned by the Wise County Housing Authority, who says they have notified all the residents of the changes and will continue to provide residents with food, drinks and medication during this time.

“All that we have done up to this point and all that we will do in the future is for the safety and preservation of the health of all the residents of the Town of Appalachia and Wise County,” said Appalachia Town Manager Fred Luntsford in the release.

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