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Bell Forestry Camp inmate gets contraband visit from girlfriend, both get charged

From The Bell County Sheriff's Department -

Tiffany Marie Aldarawish - BCDC

On Sunday September 15, 2019 at approximately 12:30pm Bell County Deputy Edward Dray responded to a call from the Bell County Forestry Camp in regard to a visitor that had brought dangerous contraband into the facility to an inmate.

Upon arrival, Deputy Dray spoke with the facility staff who stated that inmate Phil Matthew Caudill of Lexington made a phone call - which was recorded - to his girlfriend 39 year old Tiffany Marie Aldarawish also of Lexington at 4:09pm on Friday, September 13, 2019. Camp staff also stated that Caudill had made another call - also recorded - to his mother Judy Carol Caudill of Lexington on Saturday September 14, 2019 at 11:19am.

Both calls contained information in regard to the women bringing contraband to Caudill at the Forestry Camp.

Phil Matthew Caudill

On Sunday, September 15, 2019, at approximately 11:30 am both Caudill’s mother and girlfriend travelled together in a black 2017 Ford Fusion to the Forestry Camp to visit him. Bell County Forestry Camp stated that upon their entry into the facility, the woman sat within the visitation area at a table with Caudill, where they were all three being closely observed via video surveillance by the facility.

The investigation revealed that a short time after sitting down, Tiffany Marie Aldarawish Williams reached down near her left boot and retrieved some type of dangerous contraband. She the reached across the table with her left hand, handing something to Caudill. Caudill takes the contraband and puts it in his mouth ingesting it.

After witnessing the transaction Forestry Camp staff removed Caudill from visitation and placed him in solitary confinement under 24/7 surveillance.

Caudill’s girlfriend and mother were kept under surveillance as they returned to their vehicle until Deputy Dray made contact with them. Both women were read their rights, informed of the reason for Dray speaking to them, and then asked about the incident. The two both stated they did not know what the deputy was talking about. Tiffany Marie Aldarawish was then placed under arrest and Judy Carol Caudill was removed from the vehicle. Deputy Dray then searched Tiffany and the vehicle.

A search of Aldarawish’s right boot revealed a tan capsule believed to be Gabapentin wrapped with medical tape. A search of the vehicle revealed 2 capped syringes/needles. Judy Carol Caudill verbally consented to search of her person; however, no contraband was located. She was released and maintained control over the motor vehicle.

Tiffany Marie Aldarawish was transported to and lodged in the Bell County Detention Center charged with: Promoting Contraband, 1st Degree, Tampering with Physical Evidence, Possession Controlled Substance, 3rd Degree (Drug Unspecified) (Gabapentin), Buying/possessing Drug Paraphernalia.

Inmate Phil Matthew Caudill was charged with: Promoting Contraband, 1st Degree and Tampering with Physical Evidence.

On Monday, September 16, 2019, at approximately 10:53 am, Bell County Forestry Camp, retrieved 9 orange round tablets believed to be Buprenorphine which were stacked in a row and double wrapped in what appeared to be 2 condoms, of which inmate Phil Matthew Caudill, defecated, while solitary confined.

Caudill was transported to the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex in West Liberty, Kentucky and additionally charged with: Possession Controlled Substance, 2nd Degree (Drug Unspecified) (Buprenorphine), Buying/possessing Drug Paraphernalia.

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