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Blasting gone wrong on Lincoln Memorial University - Harrogate Campus

From WRIL -

This afternoon we received several pictures and messages from those on campus (wishing to remain anonymous) telling WRIL that a company constructing a new roadway into LMU was blasting today and something went wrong.

Our sources tell us that there was no warning that blasting was taking place and the force of the explosion sent debris flying into vehicles in the parking lot near the site and windows at the math and science building. The was also a large hole created by the impact of a projectile in the side of one of the buildings.

We know of at least one injury to someone on the work crew, but have not been told of any students or staff being injured at this time.

We have reached out to the college's public relations department and Kate M. Reagan, Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations, responded with this statement:

"This afternoon a construction event occurred on the main campus of Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee. Excavation of a hillside behind the Hamilton Math and Science building caused damage to vehicles parked in the back and side parking lots and portions of the building. The University is addressing the event and assessing the damage. Individuals who were parked in the affected areas and have observed damage to their vehicles should file a report with LMU Campus Police and Security. The Administration recognizes the concern this event has caused for our community. Safety on LMU campuses and communication to LMU community members are top priorities of the University."

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