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Census 2020 restarts

From The US Census Bureau -

Field activities in the Tri-State area are restarting Wednesday, May 13th.  They will have Census employees out in some neighborhoods and along some county roads verifying a housing unit's physical address against the map in our systems. 

They will also be leaving a Census Questionnaire packet hanging on the doorknob.

These Census employees will have the following things in common:

  • they will have a Census issued photo ID badge

  • They will be carrying a black laptop, along with a laptop bag that says US Census on the side

  • They will be wearing a mask

  • Their vehicle will have a sign in the front and back windows stating US Census - Official Business

These Census workers will NOT be knocking on doors.  They have been instructed not to make contact with tenants.  They are simply verifying the map location and leaving a Census Questionnaire. Residents can go to to submit their household's Census response.  They are encouraged to provide the information as things were on April 1st. Also, please note that the Census is hiring, information can be found at the same website.

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