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Claiborne County son charged with assault after attack on his father

From The Claiborne County Sheriff's Department -

On the evening of Thursday August 6, 2020, Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call in the Lone Mountain area regarding a suspicious subject.

When Deputies arrived, they encountered 21-year-old Alexander Vanover who appeared to be under the influence of drugs. During the initial interview with Mr. Vanover, he stated to Deputies that he had killed his father.

While on scene with Mr. Vanover, an additional call from E-911 stated that the victim was at the Claiborne County Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Claiborne County Criminal Investigations Division was called out to assist. During their initial investigation, they discovered a weapon at the scene that is believed to be the one used by Mr. Vanover to assault his father.

Alexander Vanover has been arrested and is being charge with Especially Aggravated Assault.

This investigation is on going and more details will follow.

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