Former deputy jailed for domestic assault

Updated: Mar 10

From WRIL -

Edward Dray III - CCJ

Early Thursday morning January 27, 2022, a man was booked into the Claiborne County jail by CCSO Officer Will Collins after an argument with his wife (corrected) in the county. During the domestic incident, the situation became physical according to Claiborne authorities.

The man, identified as a now former Bell County Deputy 33-year-old Edward Dray III, was initially booked into the Claiborne County Jail for domestic assault (misdemeanor) at approximately 3:41am. A few hours later his charge was upgraded to aggravated domestic violence assault (felony). Dray was later arraigned, given a bond which he made, and was released from custody.

At the time of the incident, Dray was "on the clock" and on duty as a Bell County Deputy.

WRIL has learned that Thursday afternoon Edward Dray was relieved of duty and terminated from his position with the Bell County Sheriff’s Department.

A court date has been set, but due to computers being down at the Claiborne Justice Center, we are still awaiting that information.

A screen shot incorrectly taken from a jail website circulating locally on social media suggested that Dray was also charged with sexual offenses which is false. Those charges belonged to another individual that was booked into the Claiborne Jail on December 30, 2021. WRIL covered that story in depth at the time.

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