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Former Estill County coach sentenced to 2 years for rape, and other charges

From WLEX -

Andrew Hatton - ECJ

A once trusted girls high school soccer coach was sentenced to two years in prison.

The judge criticized the leniency of the sentence but honored the deal between former Estill County High School girls' soccer coach Andrew Hatton and the prosecutor of the case.

LEX 18 broke the story of Hatton in 2018. He was also an attendance clerk at Estill County Middle School.

Hatton was sentenced on 3rd degree rape and other charges. Hatton sent nude photos of himself to a player and was charged with raping another victim, age 15, five times. He was associated with the girls soccer team for about five years, first as an assistant coach and then as head coach.

A victim's mother read an impact statement from her daughter to the court. "The backlash is almost unbearable, from students and adults," read the girl's mother.

One of the victims also told investigators that when Hatton sent nude photos of himself over Snapchat, he would ask her for nude photos in return.

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