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Ada Hoskins - 67 years old


**Updated at 8:14am**

Ada Hoskins has been located and found safe with family members in Middlesboro Kentucky.


Bell County Emergency Management and the Bell County Sheriff's Department have issued a golden alert for 67 year old Ada Hoskins.

Ms. Hoskins has been missing since 7:30pm Wednesday October 24, 2019, from the Highway 3482 area near Tanyard Hill, but was not reported as such until midnight.

She is described as 5' 2", 180 lbs, blue eyes with gray hair with a purple cast on her left arm and she has dementia.

Included in the search is the Bell County Rescue Squad and Bell County Sheriff's department.

A short time after 6:30am this morning during the search, a report of "shots fired at members of the search crew. Bell County Dispatch has clarified the information.  During the search, a Bell County Rescue member approached a home of an elderly individual without identifying themselves.  They came in contact with the home owner who got scared and pulled out a gun shooting up in the air twice.  Bell County Deputy Max Graves is in charge of that particular incident.

Responding to the scene is the Bell County Sheriff's Department and Kentucky State Police.

If you have seen Ms. Hoskins or know her whereabouts please contact Bell County Dispatch at 606-337-6174.

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