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Governor makes a statement about Blackjewel, Judge Exec speaks to the miners locally


Governor Matt Bevin announced Monday that the Labor Cabinet will open an investigation into Blackjewel LLC.

The cabinet received multiple reports of unpaid wages for coal miners in Eastern Kentucky. Blackjewel reportedly issued paychecks to employees that bounced last week after the company declared bankruptcy.

Gov. Bevin said “We will use every available tool within Kentucky’s statutory authority to help our hardworking miners and their families receive financial restitution,” “While this will not likely yield an overnight fix, I am confident that the Labor Cabinet will undertake a thorough investigation and determine the appropriate best path forward.”

If you have not received full wages from Blackjewel, contact the Labor Cabinet's Division of Wages and Hours at 502-564-3534.

Labor Cabinet Secretary David Dickerson said “The Labor Cabinet takes this issue very seriously, and we will make every effort to fully investigate and, if necessary, prosecute these claims on behalf of Kentucky’s coal miners,”

WRIL was at the Harlan County Courthouse when it was standing room only for two groups of miners affected by this situation. Harlan County Judge Executive Dan Mosley lead the talks of what the miners could do while the state is investigating the mining company. We will have more on that shortly.

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