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Help for Americore employees?

Updated: Jan 7, 2019


We have been sent a video from Pennsylvania State Representative Aaron Bernstine in regard to the Americore run Ellwood City Hospital. Here is the link

The state rep addresses several issues, some of which are also happening to Southeastern Kentucky Medical Center employees.

At the 3:42 minute mark in the video Mr. Bernstine mentions that he will be meeting with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor in regard to payroll issues and then goes on to discuss employee insurance.

WRIL has sent a request to the Kentucky Labor Cabinet and we have reached out to the Kentucky Attorney General’s office in regard to these same issues. While we have yet to received a reply, we did contact newly elected State Representative Adam Bowling for his insight into helping with these ongoing problems.

Mr. Bowling let us know he is willing to take steps to talk to those involved in making decisions to bring more attention to fixing these issues plaguing the employees of the hospital. Bowling will also be meeting with Mayor Scott Madon in regard to Americore's issues that have had a negative impact on the city of Pineville.

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