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Kentucky courts impose new guidelines for COVID red counties

From Ky Chief Justice John D. Minton, Jr. -

Amid growing COVID positive cases, the state's chief justice has announced new guidelines for how courts and circuit clerk's offices are to operate during the COVID red status.

Counties are encouraged to check the COVID status on a weekly basis on the Kentucky Coronavirus Monitoring Map. If a county falls into a COVID “red zone,” which is defined as 25 or more cases per 100,000, the following recommendations apply:

Court Proceedings. All court proceedings should be conducted remotely.

Jury Trials. Jury trials should be postponed until a county returns to the yellow zone.

Offices of Circuit Court Clerk. Circuit clerks should close their offices to in-person services. All filings should be mailed, eFiled or conventionally filed using a drop box provided outside the judicial facility. All payments for court costs, fines, fees and restitution should be made by money order mailed to the Office of Circuit Court Clerk or by cash or credit card by calling the office.

Access to Court Facilities. Access to court facilities should be limited to attorneys and parties required to attend emergency, in-person hearings and individuals seeking emergency protective orders, interpersonal protective orders and emergency custody orders.

Masks and Social Distancing. Proper use of facial coverings and social distancing while in court facilities should be strictly enforced.

Teleworking. All KCOJ employees who are able to telework should be encouraged to do so.  

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