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Knox County deputies find car on edge of 50 foot drop

From The Mountain Advocate -

Kimberlee Hembree - KCDC

A Knox County woman is behind bars after the Knox County Sheriff’s Department was informed of a car in danger of going over the edge of the old Artemus bridge.

Deputies responded to the call at around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday. When they arrived, they found a car “barely hanging on to the edge of a 50 foot drop.”

The driver, 41 year old Kimberlee Hembree of Artemus, was found walking along the road roughly a quarter of a mile away. Her arrest citation describes her as “staggering on the road,” and smelling of alcohol. Hembree was placed under arrested and began to fight with the deputies. While being transported to the jail, she reportedly threatened to kill one of the deputies and their family.

Hembree is charged with third degree terroristic threatening, alcohol intoxication in a public place, and resisting arrest. As of press time, she remains held on a $1,000 bond and is due in court on November 30 following an arraignment Monday.

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