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Large Fire at Cedar Grove Marina in New Tazewell, Tennessee

From WRIL -

(pics from Megan Krystof and Google maps)

UPDATE - A short time before 9pm firefighters reported that the blaze was under control, but that they were staying on scene to take care of hot spots and flare ups. An investigation will be underway as to the cause of the fire.

A Facebook post from the Marina states: "Unfortunately, 2 houseboats on the buoy-line on the Cape Norris side have burned tonight at Cedar Grove Marina. Thankfully and most importantly, no one was hurt. A definitive cause is unknown at this time. The first houseboat was occupied, but he was out fishing when the fire started. The neighbor’s houseboat was unoccupied, but subsequently caught fire also. The owner was contacted immediately. Everything at the dock and all other customers’ property is completely undamaged. Thank you to all the fire departments who responded & every volunteer who prevented the fire from taking the entire line out. Thank you to each person who reached out or showed up to offer help & support. We truly appreciate all of you."


There is a large fire at Cedar Grove Marina in New Tazewell that started a short time after 8:00 pm Tuesday night. At least two docks have been cut loose and are floating while on fire.

Multiple Fire Departments from the area have responded including Sharps Chapel Volunteer FD, South Claiborne, Springdale, TNT, and Union County. Also on scene are the Union and Claiborne County Rescue Squads as well as the Claiborne County EMS and Claiborne County Sheriff's Department.

No injuries have been reported at this time and the cause of the fire has yet to be released.

**Due to Facebook issues, we will be updating the coverage here and then sharing it on our Facebook page.

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