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Manchester man jailed over abusing his girlfriend

From the Manchester Police Department -

Austin Jackson - CCDC

On Monday August 19, 2019, Officer Jeff Couch responded to a loud noise complaint at the Raintree Apt. complex.

Upon arrival Officer Couch made his way to the apartment and knocked on the door. Once the door had been opened, a young female ran toward him who was bleeding, and visibly shaken, stating that her boyfriend had cut her, choked her with a cord, and was going to “kill her”.

Officer Couch noticed the boyfriend, 20 year old Austin Jackson of Manchester, standing in the apartment. Officer Couch verbally commanded Jackson to exit the apartment and he complied. Officer Couch removed a knife from Mr. Jackson’s pocket.

Austin Jackson was arrested and charged with assault 2nd degree domestic violence, unlawful imprisonment 1st degree, and wanton endangerment 1st degree.

Clay County Sheriffs Deputy Jeremy Gabbard assisted Officer Couch with the incident.

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