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Middlesboro Christmas Parade Promises Festive Delight with "Christmas Movies" Theme

From the Middlesboro Christmas Parade Committee -

As the countdown to the holiday season begins, the Middlesboro Christmas Parade Committee is gearing up for the annual celebration on December 2. With the theme "Christmas Movies," this year's parade promises to bring favorite holiday films to life with over 45 anticipated entries, including classics like Polar Express and Charlie Brown's Christmas. Committee member Rian Johnson, who has been an integral part of the organizing team for several years, shares insights into what makes this event so special.

"As a committee member for the Middlesboro Christmas Parade, I've had the privilege of working alongside dedicated individuals like Travis Moody, Brian O'Brien, Eric Johnson, Elizabeth Bisceglia, Tiffany Hall, and Harvey Johnson," Johnson states. "While the parade is not a city event, the support of the Middlesboro Mayor, Police, Fire, and Street Departments, Bell County Chamber of Commerce, Middlesboro Main Street, as well as our community, is crucial to its success."

Reflecting on the motivation to contribute to the parade's organization, Johnson shares, "My inspiration comes from fond childhood memories of attending the Middlesboro Christmas Parade. Now, as an adult, I find immense joy in giving back to the community and creating an event that brings excitement and holiday cheer to our residents."

The Middlesboro Christmas Parade, a longstanding tradition in the community, holds a special place with its small-town charm and the sense of community that comes alive during the parade. "It sets the tone for the holidays by embracing tradition," Elizabeth Bisceglia explains. "Continuing the nighttime parade tradition introduced last year with illuminated floats is expected to attract an even more significant audience this year."

This year's grand marshal adds a heartwarming touch to the festivities. "The grand marshal is a group of 30 children from Middlesboro Elementary School, participants in the Cops for Kids Christmas program," announces K-9 SGT Harvey Johnson. "They will ride on the Turnkey Reality float during the parade, followed by a festive party on December 12th, with gifts and a buffet sponsored by local restaurants."

Downtown Middlesboro is not only the setting for the parade but also a hub of holiday activities on Parade Day. The festivities kick off at 2:00 with Middlesboro High School's student organizations hosting a Christmas Tree silent auction at the Crater City Hub. "All proceeds will benefit the student organizations, making it an excellent opportunity to spread holiday cheer and bring home a beautifully decorated tree," Travis Moody suggests. Then, you can wander down the sidewalks adorned with holiday charm as vendors showcase their treasures in a Christmas Bazaar.

As the sun sets, Middlesboro's Main Street comes alive with a sip'n shop event from 5-7, featuring downtown businesses ready to spread holiday cheer. The enchanting Tinsel Trail on the Avenue, where local businesses and organizations have decorated Christmas trees, offers a winter stroll through a sparkling forest of holiday magic.

The day culminates at Fountain Square with the grand Christmas tree lighting at 7:00, setting the town aglow. The parade kicks off immediately following the tree lighting, turning the streets into a festive spectacle. "Get ready for a day packed with joy, charm, and the season's magic," Johnson encourages.

Road Closure Information:

To ensure the safety and smooth flow of the Middlesboro Christmas Parade, the following road closures will be in effect:

Starting at 6 PM on Friday, December 1st, Middlesboro City Park Lot will be closed.

On Saturday, at 2 PM, Cumberland Ave between 19th and 20th street will close.

At 5:45 PM, Cumberland Avenue from 21st to 15th St will close.

Join us on December 2 for the Middlesboro Christmas Parade, a quintessential part of our local tradition. Experience the warmth of community, the spirit of the holidays, and the enchantment of Christmas magic. Festive floats, holiday music, and surprises along the avenue await you. Your attendance enhances community spirit and supports downtown businesses, making it a win-win for everyone.

Celebrating the holidays in Middlesboro is truly special. The community comes together with cheerful hearts, creating a unique and heartwarming atmosphere. The shared sense of joy and togetherness during the holiday season makes it a magical time for all of us in Middlesboro.

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