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Middlesboro man arrested after seen by police wandering in and out of highway traffic

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

From WRIL -

Thomas Dillman - BCDC

Thursday September 5, 2019 Middlesboro Police Officer Christopher Barnes observed a man, identified later as 32 year old Thomas Dillman walking in and out of traffic on Highway 25E in the vicinity of International Homes.

Officer Barnes attempted several times to get Dillman to stop but he crossed back into and out of traffic until approaching International Homes when he fled from the officer.

Officer Barnes began a foot chase and during the pursuit Dillman threw down a back pack. Middlesboro Dispatch then advised that Dillman had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. After the short chase, Officer Barnes arrested Dillman and asked him if he had any syringes in his back pack. He replied no, but the officer opened the pack putting his hand inside to find several needles, one of which was uncapped.

During the incident Dillman was exhibiting behavior consistent with being under the influence of a controlled substance and was “talking out of his head”. Officer Barnes states in the citation that Dillman said several times that he was going to kill him (Barnes).

Also during the search Officer Barnes found a loaded syringe, a set of digital scales, and empty distribution bags.

Thomas Dillman was transported to and lodged in the Bell County Detention Center charged with possession of controlled substance - 1st degree, 1st offense (drug unspecified), wanton endangerment - 1st degree - police officer, fleeing or evading police 2nd degree (on foot), terroristic threatening - 3rd degree, public intoxication controlled substance (excluding alcohol), buying/possessing drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct - 1st degree, and he was also served a failure to appear for arraignment warrant.

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