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Middlesboro Police search warrant yields drugs and trafficking operation in ongoing investigation

From the Middlesboro Police Department -

During the month of March 2022, the Middlesboro Police Department executed a search warrant at a residence resulting in a large seizure of illicit drugs. Patrolman Jacob Quillen led a drug investigation involving an individual selling

Methamphetamine and prescription pills. Upon arrival at the residence the person of interest was located outside along with another individual, standing in between a dirt bike and an SUV.

Officers made contact with both individuals and detained them, as the search of the residence began. During the course of the search, Officers located suspected methamphetamine, prescription pills, marijuana, digital scales, distribution bags, and drug paraphernalia.

While standing outside the residence, officers noticed a camo bag located on a dirt bike where both individuals were located prior to their arrival. Search of the camo bag yielded several ounces of suspected Methamphetamine, a large amount prescription pills, digital scales, distribution bags and a ledger indicating drug trafficking with the suspects name all over it.

This is an ongoing investigation and more information is expected soon.

*All individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty*

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