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Middlesboro special called meeting

From the City of Middlesboro

There will be a special called meeting in council chambers at Middlesboro City Hall Monday January 28, 2019 at 5:00pm in regard to the second reading of the motion for consideration to repeal city ordinance 30.42(b) in it's entirety.

The ordinance currently reads "Any person who retires from employment with the city and becomes eligible to receive benefits from the Kentucky Retirement System shall not be eligible for re-employment by the city effective following the date of passage of this section." (originally passed 3-20-07)

**as a matter of notice - repealing this ordinance would allow experienced retired citizens to be rehired without the cost that would accompany a new hire (i.e. a police officer having to go to the academy and the related funding). Also the state has passed legislation on what many call "double-dipping" in regard to pensions. This would not be an issue of this ordinance was repealed because state law now prohibits that happening.

Also on the agenda is the motion to accept the replacement of Code Enforcement Board member Patricia Stanley to be replaced by Ted Gilbert for a three year term ending November 30, 2021.

There will be a Kentucky Utilities report given during this meeting as well.

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