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Middlesboro woman facing a felony after aiding a juvenile running away

From The Mountain Advocate -

Rhonda Mullins - KCDC

55-year-old Rhonda Mullins, was arrested just before 9 p.m. on January 3. An arrest citation states that Mullins had picked up a juvenile with several previous cases opened on them for “being defiant and running away from his home.” The citation further states that Kentucky State Troopers had spoken with Mullins about the juvenile’s runaway attempts and that she had “been advised numerous times not to help him run away.”

Mullins reportedly picked up the 17-year-old at a Knox County residence. When questioned by law enforcement at her Middlesboro home, she reportedly stated that she had picked them up but that they had been dropped off at the Middleboro Mall and were not at the home. Mullins gave consent for the home to be searched and another juvenile reportedly offered to show troopers where the runaway was. As the troopers searched, they found the backdoor ajar and were unable to find the subject in the immediate area.

Mullin was arrested and charged with kidnapping and custodial interference. The citation notes that she has no legal rights to the juvenile and “was not exercising any custodial supervision of the minor.” She was released from the Knox County Detention Center on January 4 after posting a $5,000 bond. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for February 15.

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