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New Tazewell traffic stop leads to multiple theft charges.

From the New Tazewell Police Department -

Lester Joe Bradley Wagner - CCJ

On Feb 8, 2020 Patrolman Jake Williams of the New Tazewell Police Department initiated an investigation of Burglary, Vandalism, and Theft after he was dispatched to a local merchant upon request of the owner.

After Williams documented the owners complainant. Williams investigation led him to Lester Joe Bradley Wagner who was found to be in possession of a stolen Dodge Pickup, a golf cart, a utility trailer, firearms, and numerous stolen power tools.

Wagner was arrested and charged with 4 counts of Burglary, three counts of Vandalism, and Theft of Property between $10.000 and $60,000.

He was lodged in the Claiborne County Jail.

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