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Out of state tags and a large amount of cash lead to three trafficking arrests in Middlesboro

From WRIL -

Sunday afternoon, October 30, 2022, at approximately 4:30pm Middlesboro Officer Ryan Collins received a call from off-duty Officer Morgan Justice who stated he had just left Kentucky Fried Chicken on Cumberland Avenue after seeing two vehicles parked next to each other. One was a 2012 Chevy Camaro with Michigan tags, the other a Jeep SUV with Florida tags. Officer Morgan told Officer Collins that two men were seen at the vehicles, one of which had a large amount of cash hanging from his jacket pocket.

Lt./Detective Barry Cowan was then contacted to observe the transactions between the two men in an unmarked vehicle with Officer Collins observing from a distance.

A short time before 5:00pm, the vehicles were seen leaving the KFC parking lot turning onto Highway 25E traveling northbound, neither giving turn signals. Officer Collins then initiated a traffic stop on the Camaro making contact with the driver, Robert King and his passenger Travis Morrison, both from Michigan.

The officer stated he could smell a strong odor of Marijuana coming from the vehicle and Robert King admitted to the men smoking it prior to leaving KFC. The men were then asked to exit the vehicle and a safety pat down of Travis Morrison revealed $9,952 in a pants pocket. A black jacket was found in the back seat which yielded $5,542. Morrison claimed the money was to help out his less fortunate friends.

Disp Wilson, Ofc. Kinder, Ofc Justice, Lt/Det Cowan, Ofc Collins

Also in the back seat in between a seat cushion was a silver resealable bag containing a white-powdery substance which King later claimed was incense from a company his family owned. The men were then arrested and taken to Middlesboro Police Headquarters for processing.

The Jeep had been seen traveling to Casey’s gas station and Lt. Cowan requested Lt. Floyd Patterson to drive him to the business. The men parked next to the vehicle and Lt. Cowan approached the driver, Anthony Carbary-Pominville who was asked if he would talk to the officer. He said he would he was told it was regarding a drug investigation. Pominville was asked for consent to search his person and vehicle to which he agreed.

During the search, Pominville stated he had Marijuana in the driver side door which was found along with two tied off bags containing a white powdery substance, digital scale, and a scoop in the back cargo area. Also found in the same space was a large bag and smaller silver bag containing a white-powdery substance matching those found in the Camaro. Pominville was then arrested and also taken to police headquarters for processing.

At the station one of the bags contents was field tested and the kit indicated the presence of Fentanyl, Methamphetamine, and Cocaine. The total amount seized from all three suspects was 1.7 pounds, approximately $15,683.00 in cash, and suspected Marijuana. The black Camaro was also seized.

All three men were lodged in the Bell County Detention Center charged with importing Carfentanil, Fentanyl, or Fentanyl Derivatives, trafficking in controlled substance – 1st offense (Carfentanil or Fentanyl Derivatives).

Robert King was additionally charged with failure to signal.

Anthony Carbary-Pominville was additionally charged with trafficking in Marijuana – 1st offense.

Also assisting was Officer Jonathan Kinder and Dispatcher Butch Wilson.

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