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Pineville Mayor Thinks Americore Should be Removed

From The Lee Daily Register

The initial hearing in the bankruptcy of Pineville Community Hospital Association was held in London, Kentucky yesterday. The main purpose of this first hearing was to appoint a trustee of PCHA’s assets. PCHA was the organization that contracted with Americore Health in the first half of 2017 to operate the former Pineville Community Hospital. Americore changed the name to Southeastern Kentucky Medical Center in 2018.

At the hearing, Pineville Mayor Scott Madon plead the case that whomever has control of Pineville’s hospital after this bankruptcy process must be vetted and be able to prove their financial and logistical ability to operate the hospital.

Madon said in an interview with WRIL’s Brian O’Brien yesterday that the city is willing to take over the hospital in the interim should Americore be removed and another company be brought in. Madon expressed his disgust in Americore’s business practices in the interview Thursday. He said he thinks criminal investigations into Mr White and Americore officials should be looked into, saying, “Once we get that [the bankruptcy] resolved, I won’t rest until we do find out. That man [Grant White] has caused a lot of pain for a lot of people.”

Mayor Madon reported that an employee of Southeastern Kentucky Medical Center is now facing bankruptcy after becoming very sick and had having significant medical bills pile up because Americore was not forwarding her payments to the insurance company.

Madon said that the bankruptcy court did not know before yesterday’s hearing that hospital employees weren’t being paid, didn’t have insurance, and doctors have left.

Madon said, “Whoever ends up running this hospital must be vetted. We can’t have happen what’s happened here in the past. We want them to call the banks and find out where the money is coming from.”

Americore claimed to have money on the way yesterday in a letter—on plain paper. Mayor Madon” We saw a letter in there [the court] today saying they’d [Americore had] secured funds again. We asked that it be vetted. It was on a plain piece of paper, no letterhead, no nothing. We all can do that, print it on the computer saying, ‘hey I’ve got the money, give me two more months.’”

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