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Police phone scam alert

From the Bell County Sheriff's Department -

Bell County Dispatch and the Bell County Sheriff's Department is alerting the public about a scam. Reports have been made to the department about a caller claiming they are from an organization representing different police agencies or the Fraternal Order of Police.

The caller is attempting to accept donations from the public under the false pretense of the money collected going to a police agency of some sort.

One of the current numbers being used in the Bell County area is 606-595-5099. When the number is called back a recording states that they are "the fundraising center".

Be aware that no local police agencies, nor Kentucky State Police, are raising funds in this manner. In the past month there have also been several reports of people being called in regard to their Wellcare being terminated and calls regarding the caller owing the IRS money. Neither agency will call you, they will contact you via a letter in the mail.

As always, never give any confidential information over the phone and if you feel you have been a victim of this scam please contact the Bell County Sheriff's Department at 606-337-3102 to report the incident.

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