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Property owner arrested on warrants - also charged for criminal littering due to overwhelming trash

From The Bell County Sheriff's Department -

David Scott Baker - BCDC

On Monday morning, June 27, 2022, Bell County K-9 Sgt. Adam Southern was contacted by Det/Lt. Barry Cowan of Middlesboro Police Department in reference to a criminal littering complaint on 35th street.

Upon arrival Sgt. Southern observed multiple piles of trash and other miscellaneous debris laying unlawfully next to a public roadway. Some of the items included five gallon buckets and other large containers with stagnant, mosquito infested water with a strong foul odor, potentially causing a hazard for nearby housing and people commuting on the roadway itself.

The sergeant then made contact with the property owner 55-year-old David Scott Baker and began questioning him about the debris. Baker admitted to scattering the waste along the roadside and stated he knew the conditions were bad but collecting it was his way of relieving stress. Baker was placed under arrest and transported to BCDC for booking.

Baker had two outstanding warrants for his arrest and he was charged with criminal littering.

As to who will be in charge of the clean up of the property, that has not been determined yet.

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