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WRIL (106.3 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a mixed Top 40 music format to Southeast Kentucky, parts of Southwest Virginia as well as Upper East Tennessee. The city of license is Pineville, Kentucky but our signal covers 8 counties. The station was put on the air by Bell County resident John McPherson and even though John was blind, he was a masterful radio person, being able to fix any problem that the station may have.


The station went on the air as WTJM in the early 70's. In the 80's the call letters were changed to WZKO. On November 1, 1993 the station changed its call sign to the current WRIL. The station adopted a format called Real-Country which matched its new call letters. At one time WRIL was one of the most powerful stations in the Southeast KY area. Although only having around 1000 watts, the station's antenna was on top of the mountain overlooking Pineville (one of the tallest in the Tri-State), which allowed its signal to reach out into many counties.

The live format is underway with Brian O'Brien. O'Brien is broadcasting a morning show with news, weather, and sports including celebrity interviews. Check out our programs and sports page for more info. The moniker is "The Big One 106.3 FM".




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