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Roger tops Serena in epic mixed doubles match

From USA Today

Williams and Federer

Roger Federer got the best of Serena Williams in a mixed doubles match Tuesday at the Hopman Cup in Australia, as the two tennis greats rang in the New Year with a historic showdown. It was their first time facing off against each other in their careers.

Afterwards, the pair that has won 43 grand slam singles titles between each other took a selfie together.

Both Federer and Williams are considered by many pundits in the tennis world to be the greatest to ever play in the sport in their respective divisions.

Federer, representing Switzerland and playing alongside Belinda Benic, won the opening short set format 4-2 before claiming the second set decider 4-3 (3) to claim the title in the exhibition-spirited matchup. Williams was paired with Frances Tiafoe.

Early on, both Federer and Williams couldn't return each other's serves. Some light trash talking and joking was on display between the two competitors.

Federer had beaten the 20-year-old Tiafoe in the men's singles to give Switzerland a 1-0 lead earlier in the day, and Williams recovered from losing the opening set to Benic. Those results drew a tie between America and Switzerland, setting up the epic duel in Perth before a crowd of around 14,000 spectators.

Both the tennis legends were complimentary of each other after the match.

"What a pleasure. What an honor," Federer said. “It was nerve-wracking, too. I thought, 'I've got to win this point but it is Serena Williams.'

"People talk about her serve so much and I see why it is such a wonderful serve because you just can't read it."

"It was a great experience," Williams said. "I’m sorry it had to finish; I was just warming up. It was such fun, we grew up together. It was super cool. I wanted to take pictures and bring my baby out.”

"This guy (Federer) is great, both off the court and on the court. I think his serve is super-underestimated. It’s a killer serve, you can’t read it. I watched him all the time and I never knew how amazing it was.”

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