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A warrant leads to escape attempt and then counterfeit money discovery

From The Bell County Sheriff's Department -

Bradley Fleet - BCDC

On Sunday night December 8, 2019 Bell County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Perry along with Deputy Adam Southern were involved in arresting 36 year old Bradley Fleet of Middlesboro in the Polly Hollow community in regard to an outstanding warrant.

While placing him in his patrol vehicle, Deputy Perry states that Fleet said the handcuffs were too tight on his right hand.

While Perry was adjusting the cuffs, Fleet attempted to escape custody but the deputy maintained control placing him on the ground. Deputy Perry replaced the handcuff on his right hand and while picking him up Fleet’s cellphone and $560.00 worth of money determined to be counterfeit fell to the ground. Counted was (5) five $100.00 bills, (2) two $20.00 bills, (1) one $10.00 bill, and (2) two $5.00 bills.

Bradley Fleet was transported to and lodged in the Bell County Detention Center charged with (10) ten counts of criminal possession of forged instrument – 1st degree, escape – 3rd degree, and he was served the outstanding pay or stay warrant.

This is the second time in two days that counterfeit money has been part of an arrest in the area. The Bell County Sheriff's Department encourages the public to be very cautious in inspecting any transactions involving cash, especially businesses. Look for Chinese symbols or marked money stating it is used in movie production.

As always, if you have been the victim or a potential victim of counterfeit money, please call dispatch immediately to make a report at 606-337-6174

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