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Americore employees paid on a first come first served basis until funds ran out...again.

While checks from last Friday were given out to employees at Americore Health run Southeastern Kentucky Medical Center today, not everyone was paid due to funds yet again running out at the bank.

Several people were turned away expecting to get a week-late paycheck marking another pay period problem for the hospital.

As we told you earlier after sharing a news story from the Lee Daily register, the Lee County Hospital Authority has made it known publicly that they are in the process of breaking ties with the financially embattled Americore Health LLC after the operating company defaulted on their agreement to re-open the hospital.

WJHL in Johnson City reported today CEO Grant White claimed he had no knowledge of the hospital authority seeking to separate themselves from his company.

Meanwhile, many Pineville employees are left wondering how they will pay their bills after working for the company and not being compensated for it.

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