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Bell County School Board sets opening date and two options for students

From WRIL -

The uncertainty of which direction schools would take during the unprecedented COVID-19 restrictions has many school boards reassessing opening dates and under what circumstances students would be taught.

Tuesday night July 21, 2020 the Bell County School Board made the difficult decision to offer two options for students.

Superintendent Tom Gambrel tells WRIL that the board approved a calendar that will delay the start of school until August 25th as the first day for students. They also approved two options. The first is for five days in session, the second a virtual option. Special cases will be appealed to the school principal for students requiring fewer days in person.

Mr. Gambrel also said that: "the Bell County School district will begin registration for students in the virtual program this week and continue for several days until all parents have contacted. Many questions will be answered when we are more sure how many students will attend in person and how many will choose a remote learning platform."

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