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BREAKING: Former Claiborne County Circuit Court Accountant Indicted For Theft Among Other Charges

From WRIL -

Leslie Adaline Chumley - CCJ

The Claiborne County Grand Jury met on Friday morning June 24, 2022, and among those indicted after returning a true bill, was Leslie Adaline Chumley. Chumley was the former accountant for the Claiborne County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

After a lengthy investigation was conducted by auditors at the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office into missing funds and other criminal activity at the clerk’s office from 2015 to 2022, Chumley was determined to be the lead suspect in the case.

Leslie Chumley’s indictment reads that she “did unlawfully, feloniously, and knowingly, obtain or exercise control over property belonging to the Claiborne County Circuit Clerk’s Office, in an amount greater than $250,000, without their effective consent, and with the intent to deprive said owner of the property” in violation of the law.

The three count indictment charges her with: theft greater than $250,000, official misconduct, and destruction of and tampering with governmental records.

Leslie Adaline Chumley was arrested and booked into the Claiborne County Jail, given a $25,000 cash bond which she promptly posted, and she was released.

We expect more information soon as to her first court appearance.

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