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City of Pineville's 2021-2022 budget still not approved

From WRIL -

Monday night's Pineville City Council Meeting at the Bell Theater had three Pineville City Council members (Alicia Slusher, Shawn Fugate II, and Bobby Valentine) not showing up for a vote on the second reading of the proposed 2021-2022 budget, something that hasn’t happened in the last three administrations. These are the same three members that voted against the budgets' passage last month.

At the May meeting, Mayor Scott Madon voted to break the tie to pass the budget which does require a second reading and vote before it can pass. If it doesn’t pass, the city will have to revert back to last years' budget. One aspect of the new budget that would not take place would be a raise for city employees.

Since no quorum was able to be met, the meeting itself was never called to order. A rescheduled meeting is set for Wednesday night at 5:30 pm at the Bell Theater prior to the public forum to discuss the courthouse square streetscape project.

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