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Cumberland mining accident

Updated: May 30, 2019

From WRIL -

A Miracle Kentucky man is in the hospital after an accident at a coal mine last week.

The Energy and Environment Cabinet said that the accident happened around 6pm on Wednesday May 22nd when a wall collapsed onto 49 year old Matthew North in an underground mine at Rex Coal Company. The main office is in Harlan, but the area of the accident was in Cumberland.

Matt was severely injured and taken to Johnson City Medical Center facing numerous operations to repair the damage done to his body.

Matt's fiancee Wendy posted on social media that Matt had "massive internal injuries to the lower portion of his body" and was placed on life support. She went on to state that he had been through several surgeries.

An on-going prayer vigil has been started for Matthew North on social media.

An investigation is underway as to the cause of the accident.

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