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Death investigation at Bell County Detention Center

From WRIL - The Big One -

Late Monday afternoon November 6th at 5:18 pm, jail staff at the Bell County Detention Center contacted Kentucky State Police Post 10 in reference to a deceased male inmate.

State police are on scene working a death investigation at the detention center. KSP Detective Jake Wilson is in charge of the investigation.

The identity of the inmate is not being released at this time.

Also assisting on scene is the Bell County Coroners Office.

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10 nov 2023

Instead of tearing the employees down, pray for them and the family of the deceased.

Me gusta

07 nov 2023

I hope they do actually investigate what is going on in these around here.. my husband was threatened earlier this year and tried reporting it to the Jailer and staff of HCDC and not even 12 hrs after being in their on fabricated charges.. they made good on their word and made an attempt on my husband's life almost killing him.. inmates told him they done it on behalf of some of the same staff that made threats toward him earlier this year during and illegal arrest.. we got lucky and my husband by the Grace of God survived after being shipped to a larger hospital who could care for him after the assault.. Sad he's done absolutely nothing illegal…

Me gusta
12 nov 2023
Contestando a

Thank you, people can hate on what I say all they want. What is important is they be looked into and stuff like this doesn't happen anymore. I pray for the family of this gentleman and for all others going through similar situations. You never believe things like this happen In our small towns Until you find yourself living it first hand. #InnocentUntilProvenGuilty doesn't exist.

Me gusta
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