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Deputies assaulted while attempting to serve warrants on Miracle, Ky. woman

From the Bell County Ky. Sheriff's Department -

Darlene Wilder - BCDC

On Monday night, July 17, 2023, at approximately 7:45pm Bell County Deputies Sgt. Frank Foster and Keith Fuson were at a Hwy 217 residence to serve warrants on 47-year-old Darlene Wilder of Miracle, Ky.

Upon arrival at the residence Wilder's boyfriend told deputies she was inside the home and gave permission to enter. Sgt. Foster knocked and announced his presence hearing footsteps running through the house while Deputy Fuson gave commands to stop. Wilder swung a bat at Deputy Fuson and ran to the bedroom.

Sergeant Foster made his way to the bedroom where Wilder refused to release the bat. Deputies deployed their taser which was effective but caused the woman to become combative striking both deputies as they were trying to handcuff her. While talking with Wilder’s boyfriend about damages she caused in the home, Wilder crawled through the cruiser window while still handcuffed in an attempt to escape.

Darlene Wilder was placed back in the cruiser and transported to the Bell County Detention Center. She was charged with resisting arrest, menacing, assault - 3rd degree - police officer, and escape - 3rd degree. She was also served warrants for failure to appear, a felony probation violation, and a bench warrant.

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