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Harlan County deputies make drug arrests over the weekend

From the Harlan County Sheriff's Department -

While on patrol at approximately 1:50 AM on January 22nd in the Evarts community, Deputies Caleb Carmical and CJ Reed observed a female subject walking in the roadway. The subject attempted to run when the deputies attempted to make contact. Jennifer Davis was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) 2nd offense and drug paraphernalia buy/possess.

On January 21st Sergeant Mark Saylor was on patrol in the Cranks community when he came into contact with a male subject in the roadway. Through investigation it was determined that Jody Thompson had an active warrant. During a search incident to arrest an unknown suspected controlled substance was discovered on Thompson. Jody Thompson was arrested and charged with Possession of a controlled substance 3rd degree (drug unspecified) as well as a bench warrant.

On January 21st Deputies Caleb Carmical and CJ Reed responded to a call that a male subject was creating a disturbance on River Ridge lane. Upon arrival a male subject attempted to flee but was quickly detained. Robert Smith was arrested for public intoxication and through investigation it was determined Smith also had a warrant of arrest active. Smith was arrested and lodged at the Harlan County Detention Center.

On January 21st Deputy CJ Reed arrested a female subject in the Evarts community on a child support warrant.

On January 20th Deputy Austin Reynolds arrested a female subject in Cumberland on a bench warrant.

On January 19th Deputy Justin Farley arrested 8 people on a total of 11 warrants at the Harlan Justice Center.

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