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Harlan Judge Executive amends order due to social distancing non-compliance

From Judge Executive Dan Mosley -

Harlan County judge Executive Dan Mosely

In Facebook post on his page, JE Mosley states:

"More than 90 additional cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky were confirmed today (Wednesday April 1, 2020). We received word of another negative test result confirmation in Harlan County today, which is great news but other tests are still pending. As of now, there are still 0 confirmed cases in Harlan County. As I said yesterday though, act as if it is here, because it is very very likely that it is.

Due to the fact that social distancing is not happening in certain businesses based on the pictures I have seen today and the law enforcement eye witness reports, under the state of emergency declared in Harlan County on 3-17-2020, I am amending my Executive Order. Section Added 4-1-2020."

“All life sustaining retail businesses that remain open shall develop policies to insure that adequate social distancing (individuals staying 6 feet apart) is taking place. The number of shoppers being allowed to enter businesses shall be limited to one adult member per household effective April 2 at 12:01a.m.

If single parent families must enter the establishment with children, the child/children must be restrained in the shopping cart at all times. If single parents cannot do this because of the age of the child or the number of children in their care, and there is not a family member to watch the child/children, they may call Harlan County CAA at 573-5335 and participate in their shopping assistance program. All shoppers allowed to enter into a life sustaining retail business to shop shall maintain a distance of six feet from all individuals and complete their shopping as quickly as possible.”

Stores are encouraged to enforce this and local law enforcement will also be assisting to ensure compliance.

Stay safe and healthy and stay home if at all possible! Dan Mosley Judge/Executive"

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