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Knox County Correctional Officer Faces Assault Charge

From The Mountain Advocate -

Aaron Potter - KCDC

A Knox County Correctional Officer stands accused of assaulting another man, as a night at a club allegedly took an unexpected and violent turn.

Aaron Potter, 22, of Corbin, allegedly attacked Brad Lefevers, of Harlan, at the Patriot club in Lily. “I was at a bar having a few drinks with my friends,” Levefers stated.

“I walked outside to get some fresh air and I saw a fight. I walked back in and sat down with my friends. Later I saw that people at the bar were trying to calm Aaron Potter down.” “I was just going through my phone, like I always do, and then, I’m guessing, about 15 minutes later Aaron came from behind and just started throwing punches on the left and right side of my head, knocking my hearing aid in pieces.”

Levefers, who has very limited hearing noted that his hearing aid will cost over $2,000 to replace.

“So I get back up throwing punches,” he stated, and “(Aaron) knocked me to the floor, and got on top of me. Then maybe 15-20 (people) grabbed him (and held) him down.”

That’s when, according to Lefevers, he got out from underneath Potter and went off to collect himself while Potter was taken out of the building.

“That was something I’d never expect, it coming from behind.” He said he had, “marks on the side of my face. And (Potter) destroyed my hearing aid piece from the fight.”

Afterward, Lefevers said he started hearing from friends online that Potter, “had made things right with me” though all he reports having heard from Potter about the incident was on a SnapChat video, “bragging about it, when he was sober.”

Later Potter sent Lefevers a message on facebook that read, “Hey this is Aaron Potter. I know I’m probably the last person you wanna talk to, but all I have heard is how good of a guy you are, so I hope that you might understand. Last night, what I did, was totally unacceptable. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I will make it right to you some way, if that is possible.”

Then he pledged, “If there is anything I can do, I will do it.” According to Lefevers, these feelings of contrition, came after the boastful video and a subsequent backlash on social media. “I feel like he’s a very dangerous person!” Lefevers said.

Meanwhile, Potter, is described as a former marine, member of the honor guard, and good natured by coworkers and family members.

However, Lefevers filed a complaint following the incident that requested criminal charges and a restraining order on Potter.

Potter appeared on Knox County jail tracker on Friday, May 10. Attempts to reach him before press time were unsuccessful.

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