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Middlesboro man arrested on felony warrants escapes custody before being jailed

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

From WRIL -

Billy Vanover - BCDC

Saturday night January 2, 2021, 22 year old Billy Vanover of Middlesboro was arrested by Middlesboro Police on felony warrants.

After being transported to the Bell County Detention Center, Vanover was being removed from the police cruiser when he pulled away and fled the area, still handcuffed.

Middlesboro Police, Pineville Police, and the Bell County Sheriff's Department began a search for Vanover, but were unable to find him.

In addition to the two felony warrants, Billy Vanover is now facing an Escape - 2nd degree charge which is a class D felony carrying a possible 5 year sentence.

Vanover is not considered to be dangerous, but if you have seen him or know his whereabouts call the Middlesboro Police department at 606-248-3636 or 911. All calls will be kept confidential.

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