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Mudslide damages road, utility line in Campbell County


A mudslide took out part of a road in Campbell County that left some without water for a few hours.

A lot of rain falling in Campbell County has led to a lot of work on Little Creek Road, with crews repairing the damage left from a mudslide Tuesday, Jan. 1.

"It basically just dropped off in the road. and when it dropped off, a lot of water came off the side of that mountain there and it actually went under the road and the road had dropped and it caused the utility line to break," said Campbell County utility superintendent Ron Dilbeck.

Dilbeck's crew was working on stabilizing the slope adjacent to the road early Wednesday.

They dug up the soft spots, replacing them and eventually will repave the road itself.

You've heard the saying, 'another man's trash is another man's treasure' - that's how one bystander saw the project as crews fell trees as they worked on the dirt and road repairs.

"First thing that popped in is at least the road is getting fixed where it popped off and then I saw nobody is hauling all this firewood out and I thought man there's plenty of firewood to stay warm with this winter," said David Perry.

There may be more incidents similar to this mudslide and road damage as the rainy weather - and past work done - makes ground unstable.

Dilbeck saying this could continue to happen anywhere in the county.

"Above this area was a strip mining location and that makes it more susceptible," he said. "Where the ground is not as stable."

While crews hoping the weather cooperates, Perry is hoping to get at least two ricks of wood out of this.

"Lord, we go through 25 to 30 ricks about every six months during the winter and that's figures to 50 to 60 dollars a rick if you're buying it and if you're trying to cut it, it's hard to find trees laying down to cut," Perry said.

...a problem he may not have to worry over for a little while.

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