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Serial fraudulent check writer and con man arrested yet again

From The Claiborne County Sheriff's Department -

Matthew Brock - CCJ

On Friday, September 13th, 2019, Matthew Thomas Brock was arrested and charged with Criminal Simulation and Forgery in relation to an incident that occurred on September 2nd, 2019 in which Mr. Brock entered into an agreement with his victim for the lease of a building located in Tazewell TN.

Mr. Brock entered into said agreement using the name “Thomas Ryan Brock” and associated with AMT Holdings, LLC which was found to be nonexistent. Detective Chris Cardwell stated that “when approached for business ventures and investments, real estate or not, you have to use great caution to keep from falling victim.”

Mr. Brock was previously charged by Detective Brad Duncan for theft of property over $10,000 in an incident that occurred earlier in the year. Mr. Brock also has pending charges in Kentucky, Knox County TN, and Blount County TN.

WRIL has reported on Mr. Brocks activities for some time now and was recently contacted about another incident at a local store in Middlesboro in which he passed yet another bad check. He was supposed to be on home incarceration with monitoring ordered but that has yet to be determined if Brock adhered to the requirements of the order.

We will link our previous stories to this page shortly.

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