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Several police agencies respond to shots fired into a home and at police.

From WRIL -

This has been updated as of 3:12am - Bell County Sheriff's Department, Knox County Sheriff's Department, Middlesboro Police, Pineville Police, and Kentucky State Police, have responded to an area near the Cary community off of Billy Goat Road.

Reports are that a man identified as having the last name of Lawson shot into a home and allegedly set another on fire across the road. It is reported that he then went into a wooded area and shot at responding officers. Units on scene have shots landing a short distance from them.

Bell County Volunteer Fire Department has responded, but we are unsure if they are able to get close to the home due to the gunfire.

Kentucky State Police are in charge of the investigation and we expect to hear from them soon.

As of 2:45am Highway 66 is closed during this active investigation.

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