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Tazewell Tennessee traffic stop yields two arrests over drugs and a handgun

From WRIL -

On Tuesday night at 7:00pm Tazewell Officer David Williams responded to a reckless driver call in the Cave Springs Road vicinity.

Officer Williams found the vehicle on Briar Road observing it run off the roadway speeding 6mph over the posted 15mph limit. The vehicle initially failed to pull over for a traffic stop, but did so later down the road.

According to citations, the driver - identified as 18 year old Roderick Brown of Tazewell - was asked to exit the vehicle due to the erratic driving movements. Brown had to pull his pants up as they were around his thighs and claimed it was his “girlfriend’s doing and that’s why he was all over the road.”

Officer Williams asked Brown if he tried to hide anything and he said no. He then gave consent to a search which revealed a zip lock bag rolled up in his pant leg containing thirty-two green pills believed to be Alprazolam in two separate packages. Also found in the same pack were Diazepam pills. Brown was then placed in custody and asked if there was anything else illegal in the vehicle to which he stated two uncapped syringes.

Upon a search of the vehicle, an approximate 6.43 oz baggie of Marijuana was found in the floorboard. Officer Williams then found a black Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun directly beside the driver’s seat with ten rounds in the inserted magazine. The syringes were discovered in the sunglass holder. Also found in the vehicle was cash believed to be the proceeds of sale and delivery of the drugs discovered.

Brown was then administered standard field sobriety tests which he failed. He admitted to Officer Williams that he had taken antipsychotics and Trazadone an hour prior to the stop.

Also in the vehicle was 20 year old Kendra Dozier of Tazewell. During the stop Officer Williams observed Dozier reaching for several things in the vehicle and told to keep her hands where he could see them, but she continued. She was asked to step out of the vehicle and if she had anything illegal on her or had tried to hide anything. She stated no and then was asked to empty her pockets. She took out a cut straw from a pocket and was then asked to shake the bottom of her bra. When taking her shirt and shaking it, a small baggy fell out in front of her. She admitted the contents “should be Methamphetamine.”

Both Brown and Dozier were lodged in the Claiborne County Jail.

Rodrick Brown is charged with DUI, simple possession of schedule IV drugs, possession of schedule VI drugs, sale and delivery of schedule IV drugs, speeding, financial responsibility, felony evading, failure to maintain line, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and he was served two failure to appear warrants.

Kendra Dozier was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of Methamphetamine.

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