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Tennessee Constables Association Releases More Details on Union County Triple Fatality

From The Tennessee Constables Association -

Union County Constable John Dennis received reports from Union County E-911 in the evening of April 6th 2024, on or around 5:56 p.m. of a white Dodge pickup truck driving recklessly in the Sharps Chapel community. It was reported that the vehicle had struck a mailbox and a tree.

Constable Dennis was in the area of the incident and began looking for the suspect vehicle. He passed the vehicle on Sharps Chapel Rd and observed the vehicle’s reckless driving as it was traveling 65 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone. The constable turned around and found the vehicle stopped in a parking lot on Sharps Chapel Rd near Palmer Junction Rd.

Constable Dennis pulled into the parking lot and activated his emergency lights. After he exited his vehicle, the vehicle left towards Highway 33 at a high rate of speed. The constable returned to his vehicle and headed in the direction the vehicle went. He then caught a glimpse of the vehicle as it ran the stop sign on Sharps Chapel Rd at Highway 33.

Constable Dennis did not see the vehicle again until he caught sight of it colliding with another vehicle at the North end of the bridge, catching fire, and going airborne over the side of the bridge. Constable Dennis arrived on scene, quickly grabbed his extinguisher, and attempted to save the victims of the burning vehicle. A Deputy with the Union County Sheriff's Office arrived on scene with another extinguisher to assist Constable Dennis with his rescue attempts. The attempts to rescue the victims were unsuccessful when officers were overcome with fire and smoke while trying to reach into the vehicle. Both officers received non-life threatening injuries.

Two victims in the suspect vehicle and one victim in the van were pronounced dead at the scene.

This incident remains under investigation by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Multiple agencies assisted with this crash.

WRIL note: Josh Scott, identified by Green Hills Funeral Home as an employee, was one of three individuals that lost his life after being struck by the driver of the white Ford pickup.

The other two individuals have yet to be formally identified although a family member has made a post on social media confirming one death. If permitted by family, we will publish the information.

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