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A Barbourville woman accused of strangling grandmother and striking child has been arrested

From The Mountain Advocate -

Nadie Duvall - KCDC

A Barbourville woman is in custody after police received a complaint of a fight in the parking lot of a local store.

Officers responded to a call regarding two women fighting in the parking lot of Fast lane Tobacco. Upon arrival they observed 18 year old Nadie Duvall, attempting to run into traffic on US 25E. She was described as having a strong odor of alcohol and babbling incoherently.

Police apprehended Duvall and conducted an investigation of the incident. They learned that Duvall had shoved her mother out of their vehicle and began strangling and punching her.

Witnesses stated that Duvall’s minor child attempted to pull her mother off of the victim but was struck in the ear by Duvall. The child was bruised on the ear and the grandmother had several marks on her neck and knees.

During her arrest, Duvall attempted to kick the windows of the police cruiser she was held in and was “screaming incoherently.” Officers used pepper spray to get her to stop striking the vehicle.

Duvall remains in the Knox County Detention Center with charges of fourth degree assault, second degree disorderly conduct, public intoxication, menacing, endangering the welfare of a minor, and first degree strangulation.

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