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Barbourville ARH ER quarantined for undetermined virus in a Union College student

From WRIL and WLEX -

A Union College athlete has been hospitalized and quarantined, reportedly for a hemorrhagic fever. Staff at Barbourville ARH issued the quarantine shortly after the student came in for a physical.

Dr. Joshua Kadetz of Barbourville ARH stated in an interview with WRIL that the student was quarantined with a hemorrhagic fever. He had not left the country over winter break, but he did have family members visit him from overseas. WRIL has been told by Dr. Kadetz that a blood sample has been sent to the Atlanta CDC labs - via a hazmat crew - for testing to determine what type of virus has caused the illness. As of 4:30pm no determination has been made.

Neither the hospital nor the college believe there is any chance for exposure or spreading of the illness. Staff members who treated the patient are being monitored.

The emergency room at the hospital is still operating normally.

"I have been notified by the Health Department that one of our Union College students is currently in isolation at ARH. We have been informed that there is no immediate risk to the public. However, we will take every precaution to ensure the safety of our campus community. We have not been told the identity of the student," reads a statement issued on behalf of Marcia Hawkins the president of the college.

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