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Baxter man runs nude while evading police

From The Harlan Daily Enterprise -

Clarence Cox - HCDC

A Baxter man is facing charges including indecent exposure after police allegedly went to serve a probation violation warrant.

30 year old Clarence Cox, was arrested by Probation and Parole on Feb. 27. According to the citation, an officer went with Probation and Parole to serve a violation warrant when Cox resisted arrest and escaped through a trap door he had cut out into a closet floor. He managed to kick a door loose and proceeded to evade police in the mountains.

At one point, Cox laid down in front of officers and tried to camouflage himself with leaves and mud. When officers approached him, he jumped up and ran again for a third time.

Cox was finally apprehended while nude and told police he was trying to camouflage himself to keep from getting caught. Police say he appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

Cox was charged with a parole violation, failure to appear, second-degree escape, first-degree fleeing or evading police (on foot), first-degree wanton endangerment, resisting arrest, public intoxication of a controlled substance (excluding alcohol), possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and second-degree indecent exposure.

He was lodged in the Harlan County Detention Center on a $5,500 full cash bond.

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