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Bell, Claiborne, and Knox Co students receive scholarships at SKCTC Middlesboro, KY

From Southeast Community & Technical College -

SKCTC Pineville Campus

Students enrolled at Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College have received over $90,000 in scholarship aid for the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters, according to Dr. Rebecca Johnson, vice-president for student affairs. This does not include state and federal aid, which totals over $3,200,000 for fall 2020.

Twenty-five of the students receiving scholarships were from Bell and Knox counties. They are as follows:

Jimmy Baker, Middlesboro; Sophia Browning, Pineville; Tabitha Bundy, Pineville; Evonne Callaghan, Barbourville; Rebecca Collins, Middlesboro; David Cox, Pineville; Nikki Estes, Middlesboro; Bethany Dezarn, Flat Lick; Katlyn Frye, Pineville; Cole Gent, Pineville; Isaac Gray, Barbourville; Jordyn Hensley, Middlesboro; Mikki Hoskins, Calvin; Lindsey Huddleston Kettle Island; Amber Jordan Pineville; Dustin Mills, Flat Lick; Kearsten Lee, Middlesboro; Michael Long, Pineville; Haley Morales, Pineville; Hannah Osborne, Pineville; Corey Oslonian, Pineville; Hagen Owens, Middlesboro; Franki Pursifull, Pineville; Blake Ramey, Pineville; and Christian Scott, Middlesboro.

Five of the students receiving scholarships were from Claiborne County, Tennessee. They are: Brian Bentley, Cumberland Gap; Rhonda Bentley, Cumberland Gap; William Hoskins, Tazewell; Rachel Keith, Speedwell; and Vonda Mullins, Speedwell.

The scholarships received by students were funded from almost sixty endowments that have been set up over the years to assist and reward students enrolled on one or more of the college’s five campuses.

Several of the funds are listed below:

Arch of KY Scholarship, ARH Opportunities in Healthcare Scholarship, ARH Virginia G. Hayes Scholarship, Christopher Mark Thompson Scholarship, Flo Parker Scholarship, Fulfilling the Promise Campaign Scholarship, Home Federal Scholarship, Nell for Nurses Scholarship, Pineville Community Hospital Scholarship, Dr. Meredith Evans Scholarship, Pratt Student Scholarship, Sue Godbey Scholarship, Vernon and Sara Cole Scholarship, and W. Bruce Ayers Scholarship.

Dr. Michelle Dykes-Anderson, vice-president for institutional advancement, lauded the individuals and organizations, whose gifts make scholarships available at Southeast: “Their generosity is making it possible for students who otherwise might not be able to attend college to pursue their dreams of an education.”

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