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Bell County active shooter taken into custody with attempted murder of police charges and more

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

From WRIL -

Charles E. Lawson - BCDC

At 11:35pm Sunday June 23, 2019 Bell County Deputies James Taulbee and Justin Patterson responded to a call of shots fired into a home in the Cary community of Bell County near Billy Goat Road.

Once on scene the deputies found an outbuilding and home on fire across from the residence where the shots were fired. The structures turned out to belong to the shooter.

The deputies then came under fire from the man identified as 53 year old Charles Lawson of Pineville.

Kentucky State Police were then contacted along with several other departments including the Pineville Police Department, Middlesboro Police Department, Knox County Sheriff's Department, and shortly afterward the KSP Special Response Team.

Bell County Volunteer Fire Department and Bell County EMS were also on scene. Highway 66 was closed during the incident to protect any traffic from the line of fire.

WRIL was on scene live when a manhunt for Lawson began in the vicinity of the home and several more shots were taken at police on scene. Officers at one point returned fire. Lawson essentially hunkered down in an area that would be considered easy to ambush officers.

After several hours and the arrival of an armored vehicle from the SRT team Lawson was subdued and tazed then taken into custody around 6am.

He is lodged in the Bell County Detention Center and being charged by Bell County Sheriff's Deputy James Taulbee with three counts of wanton endangerment - 1st degree for the initial call.

Trooper Joey Brigmon then charged him with attempted murder of a police officer and assault 1st degree police officer. He was also served three failure to appear in court warrants. He has a combined total cash bond of $1,05,350 for all charges besides the attempted murder and assault which have no bond.

We are expecting more information from the Bell County Sheriff's Department and Kentucky State Police.

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