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Bell County Board of Education Votes Unanimously for Significant Increase in Teacher Pay

From Bell County Schools Superintendent Tom Gambrel -


Bell County School Board Members

The Bell County Board of Education is pleased to announce a unanimous vote to implement a substantial pay raise for the upcoming school year. This measure, which demonstrates the Board's commitment to fostering excellence in education, will result in a 6% increase in teacher pay and a classified pay raise of $1 per hour.


The decision to increase pay reflects the Board's recognition of the invaluable contributions made by teachers and staff within the Bell County School District. Over the past three years, educators' salaries have increased by 13%, while classified pay has risen by $4 per hour, equating to an average 25% increase. This reaffirms the Board's commitment to rewarding the hard work and dedication shown by the district's employees.


"Our people are our strongest asset, and we are committed to providing them with the recognition and support they deserve," remarked Tom Gambrel, Superintendent of Bell County Schools. "By investing in our teachers and staff, the Board not only acknowledges their role in shaping the future of our children but also ensures that Bell County attracts and keeps the best possible employees.”

This decision was made possible in part by the budget recently passed by the legislature, which allocated increased funding for SEEK, Tier 1, transportation, and funding for School Resource Officers (SROs). The Board extends its gratitude to the legislature for its commitment to prioritizing education and ensuring that Bell County Schools have the resources necessary to provide students with the best possible education.


As Bell County continues its journey toward educational excellence, the Board remains steadfast in its dedication to supporting its educators. The significant increase in teacher and classified pay demonstrates this commitment.

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